7 Tips To Equip And Protect Your Smartphone From The Cold

Like you, your smartphone does not appreciate the cold weather ahead. And between the frost and the snow, your smartphone may encounter some malfunctions.

Your precious phone could even give the impression that it will give up the ghost and not overwinter.

This may be the case if water or moisture seeps inside. Discover our 7 tips to protect it from the cold, the snow and the humidity.

Just like your body, your mobile phone is very sensitive to temperature variations. In winter, it is not uncommon for your smartphone to turn off automatically if temperatures fall below 0°C.

Most of the time, these malfunctions are fortunately only temporary. However, if you do not take great care during long cold exposures, the battery of your smartphone may suffer irreparable damage.

Turn Off Your Smartphone When Cooling Down

If your smartphone has turned off after being exposed to cold for a long time, do not stop to turn it on again, his battery is temporarily out of order.

Similarly, if during a walk in the snow, you realize that the battery of your smartphone decreases abnormally, turn off.

This action could well protect him from permanent damage. Lastly, if you are planning a battle in the snow with your offspring or your friends, be careful and leave your phone warm at home.

Keep Your Smartphone Against Your Body

Instead of slipping your precious phone into your backpack, purse or suitcase, keep it close to you. The heat of your body will keep the device at the right temperature.

In this way, the inner pocket of his coat is preferred over that of his trousers. The closer your smartphone is to your skin, the more it will be protected from the cold.

But the best thing would be to leave it at home. Indeed, according to the California Public Health Agency (CDPH), for your health, it is important not to keep your smartphone in your pocket!

Invest in A Hull That Will Protect It From The Cold

If you are thinking of going on holiday in the Swiss Alps or skiing at the Signal de Botrange and you do not want to prove yourself with your brand new smartphone, you’d better invest in a hull.

Many models on the market can guarantee the integrity of your mobile device and protect it against snow splashes.

Some hulls can even warm up your phone. It all depends on the materials in which your hull was designed.

Give Yourself A Connected Watch or Smart Headphones

Do you want to stay connected, receive calls and answer your messages even when you’re out on a cold walk?

So invest in a smart watch or in smart headphones. With a smartwatch, you can view and send messages without having to take your precious smartphone out of your coat pocket.

The result is the same if you prefer smart headphones, with Airpods or PixelBuds, for example, you can use your smart assistant to use your smartphone while keeping it warm!

Let Your Smartphone Warm Up

Are you worried that your smartphone has caught cold during a ride? As soon as you go home, you will try to warm it by placing it on a radiator or with a hair dryer? Do not commit this grave mistake. Do not try to speed up the warm up of your smartphone.

Do not squeeze it and let it acclimatize to room temperature in a dry environment. Similarly, if you are worried that moisture has infiltrated its structure (after all, snow is only water), place it in a bowl of raw rice for a few hours.

Switch On The “Gloves” Mode or Give Yourself Tactile Gloves

To make your life easier during the winter, some smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy S or Note range, or the Sony Xperia, include a very practical glove mode.

Thanks to this mode, you can use your gloves, especially if they are leather gloves. If your smartphone is not equipped with a glove mode, you can still afford a pair of tactile gloves.

There are many pairs of all styles and for all tastes in the trade. It’s quite handy if you have a phablet with a big screen of 6 inches or more,

like the iPhone XS Max or the Galaxy Note 9, but it’s more complex to use if you’ve chosen a smartphone. 5 inches or less, such as the Sony Xperia XZ2.

Protect Your Smartphone Against Moisture

As we remind you, the snow is only water. If your smartphone comes in contact with snow, water may enter its structure.

If you notice the appearance of mold beneath your touch screen, turn off your smartphone. Again, do not try to warm it up as quickly as possible with a hair dryer, a radiator or any flame.

Just wait for it to dry before trying to turn it on again. In the same vein, protect it from a waterproof shell before going out under the snow.

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