Files By Google Has Been Installed 100 Million Times: Download Apk

Files by Google, the file manager, has reached 100 million installations from the Play Store in just 14 months.

A result probably linked to the features of Files reminding you to delete unwanted files, or can automatically store your files, among other examples. Here’s how to download the APK.

Google is originally called Files Go. Launched in 2017, the application is designed to be a smart file manager.

It has many useful features like file suggestions and apps to delete to preserve the storage space on your smartphone, and also allows you to find your files quickly thanks to a clear search system and navigation.

Files by Google: Download APK

In addition, the app makes it easy to share files even when you’re offline or do not want to use your plan – via a secure WiFi connection.

As well as backing up your files in the cloud. It recognizes of course SD cards but also USB external storage devices OTG. The application itself only takes up 10 MB of internal storage space.

Available on Android One smartphones, Files by Google is also experiencing a rapid increase in downloads on the Google Play Store.

The application has reached 100,000 installations – a figure reached in just 14 months. And this, despite the many file explorers that have already coexisted for a long time on the Play Store.

It can be downloaded directly from the official application store, or via APK Mirror, by following one of the links at the end of the article.

What do you think of Files by Google? Do you often use this file manager rather than another? Share your feedback with the community of the site in the comments of this article!

Download Files by Google on the Google Play Store:

Download Files by Google on APK Mirror:

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