Huawei Case: France Has “Nothing Specific To Blame” On The Chinese Group

France “has nothing specific to blame Huawei for,” says the Ministry of the Economy. This statement was made on the eve of a debate in the Senate on the installation of 5G antennas by operators.

An official of the Ministry of Economy said on 24 June 2019 that France “has nothing specific to blame Huawei for”, Challenges reports.

After carrying out checks on the Chinese group’s equipment already used for 4G infrastructure and exchanging information with other European countries, the government considers that there is no evidence that Huawei is a threat, and that punishing him could violate international trade law.

Huawei Not in France’s Sights, at Least Not Officially

Nevertheless, the deployment of 5G networks in France is considered as a theme “serious enough to require a strengthening of the legal framework”, it is added.

A draft law, which will be discussed on 26 June 2019 in public session in the Senate, aims to control the installation of antennas and does not explicitly target, at least in the texts, any telecom equipment manufacturer.

Operators will systematically have to ask the Prime Minister for authorization to install 5G antennas.

The executive could ensure that they are influenced to use European equipment near sensitive areas, such as administrative or military areas.

A few weeks ago, we reported that operators were against this law. They believe that the government is trying to limit Huawei without saying so by trying to blame them, and that the measures proposed are too extreme.

“The mechanism envisaged, as far as it can one day work, is a mechanism that no other State has put in place,” denounced Arthur Dreyfuss, President of the French Telecommunications Federation, interviewed by Les Echos.

According to him, the powers that could be entrusted to the National Agency for Information Systems Security (Anssi) are disproportionate. It remains to be seen what the senators will think tomorrow.

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