Netflix Now Has 139 Million Subscribers Worldwide, Nothing Stops It!

Netflix continues to punch everywhere in the world. The VOD service now has up to 139 million subscribers, which represents 8.8 million more customers than in the previous quarter. In the process, Netflix revealed the number of people who watched some popular movies and series.

“We are ending 2018 with a total of 139 million paying subscribers,” the US streaming leader said in a statement.

During the fourth quarter of 2018, the platform attracted 8.8 million subscribers in addition, 1.5 million in the United States and 7.3 million abroad, up 25.9% over end of 2017.

In France, Netflix currently represents 4 million subscribers. In the space of a year, Netflix attracted 29 million new subscribers, or 34% more paying customers. By March 2019, the service hopes to attract 8 to 9 million more Internet users.

Netflix Announces $ 4.19 Billion Revenue & Lower Profits

The Los Gatos firm generated revenue of $ 4.19 billion, up 27.4% over the same period last year, and a net profit of $ 134 million $ 186 million end of 2017. For Netflix, this decline in profits is not a surprise.

Currently, the service is investing heavily in the production of new exclusive content, which is the real driver of its growth.

Last year, the firm also paid $ 8 billion in production of series or films, 1 billion more than in 2017.

Thus, the platform spent $ 1.24 billion more than it did not win in the last quarter of 2018. This is why Netflix has increased the price of its subscriptions in the United States.

Netflix Is ​​Not Afraid Of Competition

“Our strategy for the next few years is to continue to increase the amount of exclusive content while driving up our revenue,” the statement said.

Very confident, the service ensures not to fear the arrival of competition, including Disney+, by the end of 2019, AT & T, CBS or Universal.

Following the announcement of these results, Netflix’s share price was initially down 4.26% before starting to rise again.

The growth of the firm is indeed lower than expected, say financial analysts. This is not the first time that the company is penalized by the high expectations of investors. This was particularly the case during the results of the second quarter of 2018.

In conclusion, Netflix has unveiled some statistics on its proprietary content to reassure investors of its strategy. Bird Box, the thriller that inspired a dangerous challenge, was also viewed by 80 million accounts.

You and Sex Education, two series that we warmly recommend, have been watched by 40 million accounts each.

We also note the success of the excellent Spanish series Elite, which has been watched by 20 million accounts.

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