Windows 10: How To Disable The Webcam

You want to disable the webcam on Windows 10? And if we told you that you can do this in a few clicks, without using tape, or other physical device?

In this quick tutorial we will show you how to effectively disable your webcam via the control panel to avoid any risk that it will be used to capture images without your knowledge.

The webcams are handy for communicating in video conversation. But without falling into paranoia, they can also turn against their owners, webcam hacking grows and can have quite terrifying consequences when one is a victim.

Extortion cases have been reported, or simply broadcast the video stream without the knowledge of the victims on Youtube.

So we’ve seen in recent years several executives and bosses of big companies like Mark Zuckerberg and former FBI boss James Comey physically hide the webcam from their laptop with a piece of tape.

This solution has the advantage of being simple, and of unstoppable efficiency – but it still has a rather annoying disadvantage.

It permanently soil your lens with a mixture of dust and glue residue, and the tape ends with time not to stick at all.

So of course there are other cleaner devices to put in this place. We propose another method: it is not 100% infallible, but it already greatly reduces the risk of being hacked.

How To Disable The Webcam Directly In Windows 10

For that, it’s very simple :

  • On your PC, press the Win + R keys simultaneously
  • Type mscĀ  and thenĀ  Enter
  • The Device Manager opens: looking for an entry named Webcam , video camera , video input device , or similar – it depends on your version of Windows and webcam driver
  • Click on it to see the devices; you should then see the name and brand of your webcam or if not a generic name
  • Right click on
  • Click Disable Device

The device is then shut down by the operating system. It can be reactivated by following the same path, and choosing Activate Device .

Is It As Secure As A Piece Of Tape?

Yes and no. As far as the operating system is concerned, no more webcams are available and can not be activated by an application.

Nevertheless a specialized malware can very well launch a search for USB device and try to force the activation of the webcam with its own drivers to capture its flow.

In other words, there is a gain in terms of security to disable his webcam via the Control Panel , but it is unfortunately not totally absolute, especially if the hackers who are aiming for you put the means.

Which method do you prefer to make your webcam inoperative when you are not using it? Share your tips in the comments of this article.

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