Xiaomi Imagines An Amazing Smartphone With Curved Screen On All Borders

Xiaomi is studying the idea of ​​launching a smartphone covered with a curved screen on the 4 borders, instead of just two.

Like other manufacturers, “the Chinese Apple” plans to camouflage the front photo sensor for selfies under the protective glass of the screen, for a 100% borderless design of the most beautiful effect.

Like its rival Huawei, Xiaomi is multiplying different smartphones and innovative. In late 2018, the manufacturer has lifted the veil on the Xiaomi Mi Mix 3, which is equipped with a sliding screen very successful and very resistant.

While most manufacturers have yielded to the sirens of the notch or hole, like the Galaxy S10 or the Honor View 20, Xiaomi is looking at a really (but really really) borderless smartphone.

Xiaomi Works On A Smartphone With Curved Screen On The Upper And Outer Borders

As reports LetsGoDigital, Xiaomi has filed the patent for a smartphone whose screen is curved on all sides, and no longer only on the right or left borders (like the Galaxy S for example).

On the diagrams, we see a 100% borderless screen, without the traditional upper or lower borders (the famous chin).

The screen is not ruined by a hole or a notch. The front photo sensor is probably relegated under the screen, thanks to a technology that we do not know yet.

The site has released a 3D rendering of what a smartphone of this ilk might look like. It must be admitted that it is rather enticing.

For now, it’s unclear if Xiaomi will really use the schemas of this patent. It is indeed not uncommon for smartphone manufacturers to file theoretical patents without ever putting them into practice.

Nevertheless, the idea of ​​a smartphone of this caliber at Xiaomi is not so crazy … What do you think of the smartphone imagined in the patent?

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